The waterfalls effect on human’s mind

Waterfalls can be great in every sense of that word. If we are talking about real waterfalls, then we should speak about how positively they can affect our mood. No wonder people invented fountains when they had realized how they could improve our mental condition. You are probably wondering why is that so and what is the magic of water falls?

The magic of waterfalls

The waterfalls beauty is in its sounds. It is scientifically proved that the sounds of the water are the best ant stress therapy. Doctors sometimes recommend listening to waterfall soundtracks when you want to release from stress. A lot of yoga and Zen music is based on waterfalls sound.

Legend regarding waterfalls

There is a legend that waterfalls can uplift man’s mood. The reason why scientist claim so is the existence of so called negative ions. What causes the creations of negative ions. The scientist explains that the main reason is a collision of water molecules with each other. The principle is the same as with oceans and thanks to collision water becomes positively charged, which affects the air and air become negatively charged. This explains a lot. The negative ions hit our bloodstream and produce biochemical reactions. It is an excellent natural cure for depression; it will provide you with boosting energy and release you from stress.

Why are negative ions so positive for us?

seratoninFirst of all, negative ions suppress serotonin levels. The principle is the same like with sunlight that suppresses melatonin. Its positive influence is remarkable. The effect is even better after storms or heavier rain. It is especially important if you spend a lot of time indoor with air-conditioning and lack of ventilation. These modern types of cooling are killing negative ions and affects our surroundings negatively of course.

It is the main reason why doctors recommend to leave the city at least once a week. Find the nearest waterfall and visit it. You will be surprised how this can affect your mood and how you will feel better after that. No matter how stressful your week was the waterfalls can improve it.